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A. PSAE International Chapters

PSAE Inc. shall accredit international chapters at different countries. PSAE international chapters should be non-profit organizations that promote, strengthen, and help realize the aims and objectives of the PSAE.

B. Objectives of Accreditation

PSAE international chapters are required to seek accreditation with the PSAE. The main objectives of accreditation are to:

1. Draw the international chapters into the mainstream of PSAE activities so that they are kept informed of major policies, directives and decisions of PSAE and are given the opportunity and the privilege of participating in PSAE activities;

2. Help promote the practice of agricultural and biosystems engineering in other countries and to;

3. Help promote the technical development and professional competency of agricultural and biosystems engineers through the conduct of Continuing Professional Development programs such as seminars, workshops, symposium, conventions, conferences and other relevant activities;

C. Applications for PSAE International Chapter Accreditation

Applications for PSAE International Chapter accreditation shall be submitted to the Chairperson of the Committee of Membership, who will consider together with the members of the Committee, the applications using, among others, the following criteria:

1. At least 10 members for each chapter in order to qualify for accreditation;

2. Approval of application for accreditation with PSAE shall be based primarily upon the assessment of the positive contribution leading to the enhancement, strengthening and realization of the aims and objectives of PSAE.

3. The objectives of the international Chapter’s activities, plans and programs should be consistent with the aims and objectives of PSAE towards promoting the practice of agricultural and biosystems engineering.

4. Submit Letter of Application addressed to the PSAE President stating their intention to form a chapter including their objectives, future plans & purpose for the said chapter., Members list; Officers (if already available) & by-laws (if applicable); PSAE International representative will conduct a series of online correspondences to ensure that all documents submitted by the petitioning international chapter are accurate.

5. If the Committee of Membership considers the application to be in conformity with the Guidelines, it shall be referred to the Board of Trustees, for its approval.

6. A Certificate of Accreditation signed by the PSAE President and Chair of Committee of Membership shall be issued to qualified International Chapters with three (3) years of effectivity.

D. Privileges of Accredited PSAE International Chapters

An accredited International Chapter shall enjoy the following privileges:

1. It may use the name “PSAE”, display the official PSAE flag and seal, consistent with prevailing PSAE Guidelines.

2. It may collaborate with PSAE national in the conduct of Continuing Professional Development programs such as seminars, workshops, symposium, conventions, conferences and other relevant activities.

3. It may submit written statements or recommendations and views on policy matters or on significant events or regional and national concerns.

4. It may submit its own project proposals and may initiate programs and activities related to promoting the practice of agricultural and biosystems engineering.

5. It will be authorized to issue Certificate of Good Standing,

6. Subject to rules and regulations, it may allow the use of the facilities of the PSAE for its official meetings and other official activities.

7. Can nominate for the Outstanding Agricultural Engineer of the Year and Maramba Award.

E. Obligations for Accreditation

An accredited International Chapter shall be required to comply with the following:

1. It shall undertake in writing to abide by the policies, guidelines, directives, and other decisions of PSAE,

2. It shall undertake to advance PSAE interests and promote the awareness of PSAE’s principles and activities,

3. It shall be held responsible for its actions, especially those found detrimental to PSAE as a whole,

4. It shall invite participation of officials of PSAE at its meetings and activities,

5. It shall submit Annual Accomplishment Report of its activities undertaken and completed financial statement to PSAE,

6. It shall inform the PSAE of changes in its officials and memberships, as well as changes of address,

7. It shall respect and comply with the prevailing PSAE laws and regulations, and

8. It shall establish a working link with PSAE through the BOT and Officers.

F. Review of Accreditation and Renewal

The Committee on Membership(COM) with the support of the PSAE officers and BOT, shall monitor and review the activities of accredited International Chapters and their relations with PSAE and other international chapters every three (3) years.

The COM may take appropriate measures to deal with International Chapters that have not acted in accordance with the provisions set forth in these guidelines. The updated list of accredited International Chapters shall then be published in the official website of PSAE.

Renewal of Accreditation of International Chapters can be processed upon submitting and complying the requirements for accreditation. Approval of the renewal of accreditation shall be decided on by the PSAE BOT and Officers.

G. Suspension and Revocation of Accreditation

The accreditation of International Chapter may be suspended or revoked for any of the following reasons:

1. It fails to meet its obligations as specified in item “E”. Obligations for Accreditation,

2. It is inactive, defunct or fails to submit an Annual Accomplishment Report of their activities and other pertinent reports to be submitted regularly, as required in item “E” for three (3) years in succession,

3. It is found to have committed gross misconduct which brings disrepute to PSAE,

4. It acts contrary to the aims, objectives and fundamental principles of PSAE, and

5. It engages in acts inimical to PSAE or to any other Chapters.

The COM shall, within a month, review the accreditation of an International Chapter after a complaint has been lodged by any PSAE member/s. Pending the outcome of the review, the accreditation of such a Chapter shall be suspended.

A Chapter whose accreditation has been revoked may appeal to the PSAE BOT for a consideration of the revocation. Upon appeal, the decision of the BOT shall be final and binding.

A Chapter whose accreditation is suspended or revoked shall be denied to exercise the privileges provided stated in these guidelines.

This guideline has been approved by majority vote of the BOTs during its Regular BOT meeting held on the 27th day of February 2017 at the 6th floor, Unit 6B8, Victoria Station 1, EDSA GMA Kamuning, Diliman, Quezon City.

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